Learning about Hashtag Cults: Comedian Bill Moore Reacts to Every Episode about MGTOW Cult Investigation (Part 2 or Mgtow is a Cult that doesn’t get you a girlfriend)



Hey there, it’s Bill again, here to comment on the second thrilling episode of Hashtag Cult Podcast! Mike and Paulina discuss certain words that are MGTOW code phrases, just as “Macho Chad(s),” “no-fap,” and “hypergamy.” Which just seems to indicate that MGTOWS are a bunch of sexually pent up men with massive inferiority complexes. YET they see the world so much more than we, I guess us “normies” do. They are so much more aware of the world, yet at the slightest touch they would probably buckle from orgasm. I guess the definition of enlightenment changed over the years

 Mike continues his deep conversation/probe into his friend who identifies as a MTGOW member.  Around 10 minutes in, Mike’s Friend discusses how he believes women play by a different set of rules when it comes to how they interact with people, particularly men. MGTOW has clouded his mind to believe that women only want marriage for financial gain and status. This is the pseudo-belief “hypergamy.” Which is a horrifyingly misogynistic term that truly demeans women. MGTOW belief that women latch on to men for their power/money to become impregnated so they can just divorce him and steal the his money through child support. What’s especially sickening to me is how passively Mike’s Friend spews this nonsense. He says it so casually like it a fact. And the sad thing is is he has been lead to believe it is fact. It just makes me want to smack him repeatedly until I can’t feel my hand anymore. 

Hypergamy seems to just stem from the men not wanting to pay for child support. They use this term to take the blame off themselves. There relationship wasn’t terrible from anything they did. No no no no. It was the woman’s fault for tricking him out of his money. He didn’t have a gambling addiction, it was his wife who made feel compelled to spend the family’s entire life savings on herbal supplements. MGTOW is completely willing to throw any entire gender under the bus just to feel a little better about having a bad relationship. Or no relationship at all! It could be based off a relationship from a movie or a friend’s relationship! That’s how thin their logic is once you take more than a second to break it down to it’s elements. But, nothing is ever the man’s fault because that would be owning up to personal flaws. MGTOW’s cannot own up to their flaws because then they would sudden combust and be sent back to their original dimension.

Around 10:55 Mike’s Friend claims his expectations are more realistic than women’s, which is pretty much the opposite. As Mike goes on to explain, MGTOW members have incredibly high standards for relationships. SO HIGH that they don’t know what they are because they never meet women. They play off their inabilities of interacting with women by claiming they have these magic standards. Like they can read women. I think, MGTOWs are a bunch of sad men who want to justify their sadness. They never truly want to be happy. Because if they’re happy, they’re potentially vulnerable. And if they’re vulnerable there is a chance they may get hurt. And hurt is not winning, so they fear they lose their power. Taking a chance, being vulnerable, and sometime getting hurt LITERALLY EXPLAINS LIFE. Not just dating. LIFE! Life is all about putting yourself out there. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. MGTOWs aren’t afraid of women, they’re afraid to live. They only have their past because hindsight is 20/20 so they can manipulate themselves into believing whatever they need to about their past. 

Plain and simple MGTOW’s do not get women. They are afraid of them, and I think that is an enormously important realization. This cult exists out of fear. It’s a bunch of scared men huddling begins computers, warding off women, who aren’t actually there, like they’re vampires. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn most MGTOW members wear tin foil hats while they post their hateful propaganda. 

To jump ahead a bit, more of this comes up at 40:24 “only women believe in being yourself.” 

That is how dangerously convoluted the term hypergamy is to the world. MGTOW’s believe that women are so devious that they trick men into believing in themselves so you feel a false sense of security, divulge your true poorness/infertility/un-masculinity so they can figure out how to leave you. That is so long-winded and backwards it makes my brain hurt. The cult members are so certain women are after them when they don’t interact with women in anyway.  Mike’s Friend keeps making these “got you statements” but they are so unimpressive. He tries to “get” Mike, as in one-upping him, but continues to fail because what he says in pure nonsense coupled with he does not even understand the nonsense he is saying.

I’ve been trained by my YouTube sources,” Mike’s Friend says. 

That statement is distressing in a number of ways. One, that Hashtag Cults exist on YouTube for anyone to potentially find, and two that Mike’s friend watches these videos as a form of training. To me, that means his friend watches A LOT of these videos. A LOOOOOOOT. These videos are like his church. His form of self-flagellation is watching propaganda videos online. To use YouTube as any source of higher power is soooooooo misguided. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy videos on YouTube. Hell, I post content on YouTube, but it’s just a site to do just that. Post and look at videos. It’s a different TV channel. Sometimes, you might pop on Turner Classic Movies, sometimes is CBS, and other times it’s YouTube. It’s not a thing to study or worship. Mike’s

Even when women are being nice they are evil. Women can’t win in their mind. MGTOWs seem to believe women are just evil all the time. Plotting, evilly of course.  Lightning and thunder crashing whenever they speak. Threatening to overthrow– men? Or at least these brave, cowardly men, who hide behind hashtags throwing mean words at people. 

At 38:50 Mike’s Friend calls all the MGTOW stuff in his head “gobbilty goop.” The throw away term he uses is insulting to his own message. I like to think that part of him does acknowledge how all this MGTOW crap is, well, crap. Or it would be amazing if no one in this cult understood what gobbilty goop meant and they all use it. “Now, reading from the Book of Gobbilty Goop.” It’s an entire cult of men nodding “yes” and pretending to understand something they read, from another member who’s just nodding their head and trying to write what they think another member said.

Around the 43 minute mark, Mike’s Friend goes into MGTOW’s definition of ugliness and how he does not remember, off the top of his head, the “numbers” for the perfect women. MGTOW’s have a standard of beauty for women they’re too afraid to meet. They also try to make the term ugliness objective. Someone’s beauty is so subjective. There are also so many separate traits that CAN make someone beautiful. MGTOW just believes it is a certain body fat percentage. And what’s crazy is they probably can’t even tell real body fat percentages apart!! That’s how made up MGTOW philosophy is. “The numbers” may not even be real. That may just be something Mike’s Friend used to try to impress Mike. But since Mike called him on it, he tried to shoe him off the topic. I am baffled at the amount of fleeting logic that goes in to being a MGTOW. Nothing they say is true or accurate and they don’t know how to explain anything they’re saying!!!! To quote the bad guy from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, “What is this magic?!?!”

My final takeaway from this episode is, I am shocked how much effort it takes to make this cult work. The honest to god amount of bullshit that goes into this cult is astounding. It feels like so much work. The amount of fractured concepts they have and the amount of pseudo science they’ve convinced themselves they’ve found is exhausting. It’s crazy how convoluted and frankly stupid this ideology is. It just makes so little sense I feel like I would constantly forget the rules, which often times happens in the member interviews. I just feel like there is so much math and breaking down of “the meanings of sentences” that is just far too much work. Do you have to graduate from MGTOW U before you are a member? Are these night classes or a 2-year program? Are transfer credits accepted? What if you’re sick for one day, is there homework? Is there a threat of failure? Is there the ITT Tech version of MGTOW vs the Harvard of MGTOW and some members look down on other members like “oh, you did that MGTOW? Psssh that’s not even an accredited cult.” I guess the fact I don’t know is a good sign. It seems like far too much work to be in a cult. I would have to cheat off someone else and that would make a second hand cult member. And getting sucked in as a second hand cult member sounds extra lame. What I am saying is the moral of this, and pretty much any story is don’t start or be in a cult.




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