Learning about Hashtag Cults: Comedian Bill Moore Reacts to Every Episode about MGTOW Cult Investigation (part 3 or what to not do when you break up)

Blog Blu-blog blog bloooooog. Hey, it’s Bill, handy scribe for Hashtag Cult Podcast. If you are or someone you is involved in a cult— don’t. Don’t cult. Please. Just don’t cult.  And especially— don’t blame Disney. Not to say Disney is perfect, BUT to say Disney ruined any chance you ever had of a relationship is puuuuuuuure rubbish. Mike continues to converse with his friend, who has been brainwashed by a sexist cult. And what soap is MGTOW bathing with this week? Disney Brand Relationship Soap! Yes, it’s the animated treat that tricks men into thinking there is a happy every after. Mike’s Friend goes on to explain that Disney is the reason women are evil.  And what proof does he have for this, you may ask? Well— none of course. He has no proof. As Mike says, there is a high likelihood he has never seen a Disney movie. I think there is a high likelihood he has not seen a Disney movie since he was little. And I’m a sure he never made this misogynistic analysis until being brainwashed by MGTOW. It does not make any sense. Paulina and Mike discuss how Disney Princesses, are themselves, misogynistic. Disney lumps the same idea of a “woman” in any time period, any race, any creed, and class/situation. They assume all women/princesses would be the same. Misogyny should be right up MGTOW’s alley, if they had any idea what they were talking about. 

MGTOW blames media in general. It’s all medias fault for corrupting their “fragile little minds,” to paraphrase Cartman. Media gave me an unfair representation of relationships! Media told me I would automatically live happily ever after with no effort! Media pushed me on the playground and stole my lunch money— to buy sugar snacks! As usual, it is never MGTOW’s fault. It is someone or something else’s fault for tricking them. They just were caught off guard, but now they are wise because they’ve taken the red pill. Also, hey, the red pill concept is from the Matrix— WHICH IS MEDIA!!!! They also USE MEDIA to spread their hate. They exist purely online. There is no core group. They are all individual mean who communicate to one and other on social MEDIA platforms.  Have taken the “red pill” they have drunk from the MGTOW nectar and now see beyond. They see the world for what it really is: super mean and completely against them. They use media to hate media and hate media because they use media. Confused. Same. 

This is one of the major dangers of Hashtag Cults, such as MGTOW. They spread this hatred and they don’t even have facts to back up any of their criticisms. They are essentially a bunch of middle schoolers spreading lies and snickering at people. But alone. At home. In their rooms. Their words do a lot of damage, to others and themselves. Hashtag Cults are dangerously stupid. Because they hurt their own members too. This rhetoric and hateful propaganda blinds it’s members and convinces them they are being helped when they are really being hurt. The cult members are victims as well as the victims they prey on online.

This leads into the concept of “scanning,” which Michael and Paulina discuss about 18mins into the episode. They believe they are mind readers, like the movie “Scanners” *cough* more media *cough* they’re so full of it.*cough. Scanning leads to scapegoating. MGTOWs will hone in on something, anything that they can blame so they can remain in their “irrational state of mind,” as Michael says. MGTOW believes they read people and know how they think. Really they are projecting their own insecurity onto someone, like women. They never take responsibility for their actions. It is always someone else’s fault. Why? Because that’s the only way this brainwashing works. If they stopped and think the flaws would fly screaming into the light.

Throughout Mike’s interview with his friend, his friend constantly tries to appear smart. He tries to stay one step ahead and win/dominate the conversation. He attempts this by using words that he feels Mike would find impressive. If a word sounds smart, then it must make him smart because he is using it, and only a smart person would use such a word. But once Mike calls him on a word, or term, his friend immediately backs off and plays it off as a joke. MGTOWs play a delicate, and frankly, unnecessary game when talking with others. They always have to be the smartest because that is the only way MGTOW logic works. If they are the smartest then people will listen, and if people listen, they can spread their beliefs, and infect more victims. In reality, MGTOW members have just forgotten how to talk to people— in general. They have got so far “their own way” that they’ve left normal society, thus leaving common conversation in their dust. Anyyone who is not them is a threat to them. Fellow MGTOW members are threats to each other. Mike’s friend refers to friends of his… he most likely does not have friends or has not seen these friends in years. He operates alone and watching YouTube videos to reinforce his brainwashing. Any data Mike’s Friend may claim to use is not real. Nothing is real abut MGTOW and this is the most important thing to understand about Red Pill cults such as this.

My ending note/question for the episode is: is there a core leader or leaders running the cult? Where did this mindset start? Who’s corrupt mind developed this horrid philosophy? I feel there has to be someone who started this, but at the same time, the core principals of this cult do not bring anyone to mind. I do not mean a specific person, I mean someone capable of starting a movement/cult. The idea of “going their own way” conjures the idea of a lonely individual who would not want to talk to anyone. So, how would this person start a cult? I can see them taking to the internet and complaining, but the cult itself must have, at least partially, happened by accident. The “leader” must have just seen their words mushroom out of control and just sat back and let it happen, while taking credit for it. To answer these questions, I feel I will just have to keep listening to Hashtag Cult Podcast… this was not a paid commercial announcement.

Episode 3: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mgtow-aint-ever-had-a-cult-like-this/id1525639915?i=1000488690764


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