Learning about Hashtag Cults: Comedian Bill Moore Reacts to Every Episode about MGTOW Cult Investigation (part 4 or how cohabiting with women is fine)


Now, we enter the thrilling fourth part of the true crime podcast Hashtag Cult Podcast. The podcast where Michael Fallek and Paulina Pinsky tackle hashtag cults, such as MGTOW, that operate in plain sight on the internet/social media platforms, such as YouTube. 

As Mike, reclaims about 5 minutes into the podcast MGTOW prays on depressed, abused, and vulnerable men. These men, who are in varied states of deep hurt, become more susceptible to MGTOW influence. MGTOW brainwashes them to believe that all women are evil, divorce courts are tailored towards women, and not to “co-habit” with women. Their word. If you don’t think about it, it sounds kind of smart right? Co-Habit. Not live together. Sounds kind of smart? That’s MGTOW for ya! If it sounds smart, roll with it, it makes you smart. Look impressive until someone calls you on it, then pretend it’s all a joke. 

Mike continues his deep conversation with his friend who was brainwashed by a sexist cult. This segment culminates around 7:50 when Mike says “YouTube over science.” Which is just so depressing. Also, what is sad to me is science can be found on YouTube. Real science by real scientists. But that’s not what Mike’s friends ingest. He watches videos by people who maybe once say the title of an article. Mike friend explains his newfound believes as things he’s watched on YouTube. Most of his media consumption is MGTOW YouTube videos. And he confidently believes them, seemingly no questions asked. Yet, he does not follow other cult-like/fringe thought group videos, such as Flat Earth. At 7 minutes in, Mike point blank discusses his friend being brainwashed. Mike encourages his friend to watch sex-science videos. Videos of real sex scientists, a real field, discussing a subject they actually understand. His friend says “he will consider it” and really only when Mike hands the info to him on a silver platter by saying he will actually send him the videos. I am assuming, the MGTOW videos Mike’s friend ingests, constantly convince/reinforce that he cannot believe anything he sees or reads. This videos seemingly tell him, unless you see it hear, don’t believe it. This is painting a picture in my mind: A MGTOW mascot dressed in a Barney (the big red dinosaur) like costume swaying back and forth to a light jingle sing/humming,

“Women are bad. Men are good. Women are bad. Men are good. Hey, men, you know what time it is? It’s question-everything-you-see-and-submit-to-the-almighty-MGTOW-overloads hour! That’s right, men, it’s your trusted source for news! We tell facts. Everyone lies. We don’t lie because we tell facts. The world is against you and fah-la-la-la-la We know facts because everyone’s against you.”

Members just watch these videos, jiggling to themselves, almost like they are stoned, just drooling from their mouths. The amount of confidence, Mike’s friend portrays says to me that these videos have to be sooooo repetitive that their mantra is stuck in his head. I do believe he displays a form of confidence. It’s pseudo-confidence because it’s a MGTOW instructed confidence. It’s a fact-less, limited confidence, but it’s a confidence nonetheless. Mike’s friend acts like a drug abuser. He has control and he can stop whenever he want, but no one, but him, understands how great this drug is. He feels soooo much better when he’s on it, even though its ruining his life. But he does not want that life because the drugs are so good he cannot imagine living without it. MGTOW is a fucking drug and it sucks the life out people who otherwise could lead normal lives.

Around 10 minutes in Mike makes the important point of any group that draws people in through the use of pseudo science should be considered a hashtag cult. Groups like Flat-Earth should be considered hashtag cults because they mislead people and keep them members by polluting their minds with nonsense science. That’s how many cults are out there, in plain sight, but no one can put a pin on them. Mike really tries to get the point across how little people, including expert, know about Red Pill Cults, which he further explains around the 23 minute mark.

Paulina and Mike discuss how MGTOW does not use primary sources. And they don’t like to test things. This is discussed around the 13 minute mark. They never go to the source of anything. The actual fact providing source. Actual research would take work and they don’t have the will power for that. To truly make a real point these organizations would need to do real research, do case studies, use the scientific method, but that’s not what they are about. They want shock value. They want the glitz and the glam without the work. They are pyramid scam mixed with a get rich quick scheme they’re totally bullshit. That’s probably one of the reason they like business jargon so much. Words like “convert, 8/20 stats, and “be your own boss.” This is discussed around the 30 minute mark. I believe, MGTOW likes these words because they are buzzwords and buzzwords are catchy. They are slick, stylish, and sounds smart. They are also very easy to repeat and can be very catchy, which is perfect for their Barney-style YouTube videos. Buzzwords are a lot of hot air to me. They are the iceberg lettuce of the salad. They fill up a lot of space, but don’t provide much nutrients. They sound fun and are easy to remember, which blends well with brainwashing. Young Entrepreneurial groups tie in with a lot of MGTOW logic, Mike explains. 

MGTOW likes to string universal theories, they don’t work together, together to prove their points. They just like things that make them feel good so they use it. It doesn’t solve the real problem but it seems to work, for them, so they like do it anyways. They have convinced themselves it works. 

Playing off of Paulina’s point, MGTOW can be dangerously persuasive. They are very convincing because they are so sure of themselves. They are blindly sure of themselves. They use these corporate buzzwords and pseduo-science to weave this intense brainwashing. It even seems like they barely follow their own pseudo-science because it makes so little sense no can follow it. But because they are sooooo sure of themselves, they convince themselves AGAIN that it worked. This all plays into the discussion of confirmation bias, which occurs around the 32 minute mark.

At 19 minutes, Mike explains to his friend that he is pretty much a racist. Misogynistic opinions tend to fall hand in hand with racism. If all women have an agenda than it is likely to accuse his friend believes over groups follow the same agenda as well. Mike’s friend believes there are women who are assholes. I felt he said “some” begrudgingly. I think he really thinks all women are assholes, but tries to act smart in front of Mike again. He knows Mike will call him out, more, if he tries to claim all women are assholes, but if he says some, he will maintain an even footing in the conversation. It’s all about mind games with MTGTOW. Mind games that only they are playing. We don’t know these games because we have normal conversations, but they have to work triple time on every sentence they utter. 

Mike asks, plain and simple, why his friend would hang out with assholes? If he knows so many assholes, why would you even hang with them? Hang with a better group of people! But he just follows the “hearsay of YouTube videos.” Mike’s friend thinks all women have an agenda, and it’s the same Mentality of racism: assuming a group/culture all acts the same. It’s not based off of anecdotal experience, Paulina discusses around 22mins. MGTOW makes these grand sweeping generalizations. They also think they can just make generalizations about one group, women for example, and it doesn’t count for other groups. Which isn’t how it works. It’s the same horrible principle. 

Around 30mins in Mike’s friend claims he’s experienced immediate dismissal, that he has put the MGTOW ideology into practice. Which is bafflingly contradictory. Mgtow is all about men going their own way, so first off they avoid women. So what practices is he employing and for what result? Is he trying to get rejected more? Also, he would need to meet woman to experience— anything, be it acceptance or rejection. He most likely has not met any women, or hasn’t for some timeC and most likely just met one. He claims it is this feeling of calm because he’s prepared for the result. What result? It sounds like his endgame is to get rejected, which would mean he’s extremely successful. If he’s using these practice of going his own way but expecting to meet women who accept that he’s an actual idiot because it’s contradictory. I don’t go into a ice cream shop, prepare to not get a rotisserie chicken, expecting to no get a rotisserie chicken, and end up getting a rotisserie chicken. It was never going to happen. Mike tells him he’s the most picky person in this conversation. In any scenario his friend mentions he is the most picky. Not these potential romantic partners— it’s him! Because his standards make so sense so he literally doesn’t know what he wants BUT HES ALSO NOT REALLY MEETING PEOPLE. ALL OF THIS IS FICTIONAL. All “maybe” scenarios.

Mikes friend’s standard for success is “are you Fucking right now.” They way he jumped on Mike assuming that’s what he was going to say is hilarious in an awful sort of way. This is freakin’ middle school logic. 

“Ooooo, dude, you’re fuckin’ right now? That’s rad!!!” – middle school kid

“hey, what is fucking?” – other middle school kid

“I dunno, I thought you knew,” Middle school kid.

“Nah, I assumed you did,” – other middle school kid.

“Well, whatever it is is fucking awesome and if you do it i’s fucking awesome!” – middle school kid.

“I like things that are awesome!” – other middle school kid.

“Me too! Hey, want to go to our separate homes and watch the same YouTube video while not speaking to each other? – middle school kid.

“Yeah!!!” – other middle school kid.


32:20 – you seem to have a sliver of confidence but it was always fucking there.

Confirmation bias. You accept or reject information to confirm what you already believe – Paulina. Not necessarily the truth, just what you believe. Which is dangerous because you can assume the world, and that doesn’t make it true. 

He assumes more people are looking at him, and he believes it is sexually. Because MGTOW has told him he knows women now and he’s in shape that this is supposed to sexually attract women. There is no hard fact to that. Women may look at him, as mike explains, they have eyes. They may look at him or even just a direction he is in. Sometimes they do interest with, if this even happens, but he assumes it’s all sexually and it’s all from what MGTOW told him.

They love using business terms because buzzwords are pretty sounding. This group makes me want to eat my own face.

My ending thoughts on all of this: these Red Pill Cults think they are so enlightened and really they are so incredibly narrow-minded. They think they see the world for how it really is but truthfully they just suffer from crazy tunnel vision. They’ve painted themselves this picture and none of them understand what they’re looking at. It’s like one of those paintings you have to stare at, just right, to see the hidden image within it. All of the MGTOW members are staring a the same painting. None of them see what they’re looking for, but they tell the others that they do and the others believe them and the them the same thing. But not only do they not see what they’re looking for, they don’t know what they’re looking at. It’s like Whose Line is it Anyway: everything’s made up and points don’t matter.

Episode 4: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mgtow-aint-ever-had-a-cult-like-this/id1525639915?i=1000488690764


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