Unbridled control of another person

Here are 3 myths we’d like to dispel about cultic or coercive relationships:

  1. Myth: Cults exist in a real physical space. Fact: Hashtag cults are proving that you only need to pick up your phone to join a cult
  2. Myth: There are only a few cults. Fact: There are thousands of cults.
  3. Myth: Cults are exclusively religious. Fact: Cults can and have rejected religion, cults can and have made up their own supernatural or religious claims, or co-opt religion but that does not define a cult. Brainwashing in cults is so intense that any claim can be made if the members can be primed for it. THERE IS NO SINGLE MODEL FOR CULT BELIEFS, THERE ARE MANY.

We are currently producing a plan lesson/video on what a cult is, until then refer to Rachel Bernstein’s interview with us and any resources associated with her expertise:

What is a Hashtag Cult from Big Weasel Lil Weasel on Vimeo.